Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Windows Vista

Microsoft just released the latest edition to its family of operating systems yesterday and called it "Vista". I'm usually someone who gets pretty exited about updates and new things in the world of technology, so it came as no surprise to my fiance when I wouldn't stop talking about how great I thought this new OS would be.

Well, yesterday Lindsay and I were at Costco getting her glasses fixed and I took a look at their computers to see if any of them had Vista and a few actually did. So, I began to fool around and see what this new system looked like and over all, it's pretty much the same old Microsoft system trying to copy the advancements of other companies like YAHOO! with their gadgets and widgets on the desktop such as a clock and calendar, and of course, Apple was being copied yet again with the way that Microsoft designed its program file list and the way you can access your documents.

Over all, I am a bit more reserved and relaxed about my laptop loaded with XP and I have no plans to 'upgrade' in the near future.

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