Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Thoughts about Parents from Doug Fields

10 Ways to Validate Parents

1. Learn parents' names and who their children are
2. While attending students' events (recitals, games), visit with parents
3. Compliment parents on their parenting. Recognize the strengths in their children and give parents the credit. ("You've sure done something right, Mrs. Jones. You son's a servant. That sure is rare among teenagers")
4. Send parents a note following a conversation with them ("It was great taling to you at John's game yesterday. I sure appreciate your family.")
5. Listen to parents. Consider their input regarding the youth ministry. You don't have to respond to every suggestion, but assure them that you care about their ideas.
6. Express your feelings about the importance of the family. Let parents know you value their family and respect them. make your youth calendar family-friendly. Don't ask kids to be out more than two nights a week.
7. Acknowledge that parents love, care for, and do more for their children that you will ever do. Your role in their lives may be significant, but you'll never take the place of a parent.
8. Organize a parent appreciation dinner once a year.
9. Encourage kids to sit with their parents during the church service.
10. Respect parents' time. Return from your events by the time you promised. (We expect parents to be on time to pick up their kids, right?)

"Your First two Years in Youth Ministry" is available at www.simplyyouthministry.com. This was a direct quote from the book and was not my own words.

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